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Is it Sandwich or Burger?

What do you call it? Fried chicken sandwich? Fried chicken burger? Fried chicken sammie? There's some confusion as to what to call this delicious dish. We'll try and bring some clarity.

fried chicken sandwich with homemade brioche bun and coleslaw
Our Fried Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw

A little bit of history

No chicken or the egg here; the sandwich came first. The story tells that one John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, back in the XVIII century ordered his valet to bring him a cut of meat inside some bread, so that he could enjoy a meal without disrupting his card playing routine. On the other hand, the hamburger, as we know it nowadays, originated some time later, in the late XIX century, when German immigrants from Hamburg introduced it in the United States.

Our vote: fried chicken sandwich

It's true that it goes inside a bun, it's true that it looks like a burger from the outside, but, in our opinion, the main difference is that the meat has been previously ground or minced; you can't "shape it" with your hands or a utensil, since the chicken piece is whole, integer, it has the shape it has. A beef steak inside a bun (even if it were a "burger bun") wouldn't be a burger. Well same with chicken.

That is, to us, the main reason why this dish is a fried chicken sandwich and not a fried chicken burger.

fried chicken sandwich with homemade brioche bun and lettuce & mayo
Our Fried Chicken Sandwich with Lettuce & Mayo

Is a fried chicken sandwich better than a fried chicken burger?

Well of course one is not better than the other, they are just different. If made with prime quality ingredients, a fried chicken burger (that is, with the chicken meat previously ground or minced) can really be exquisite. As a matter of fact, if you have tried our fried chicken tenders, you already know it well...

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