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Tenders, Nuggets, Strips, Fingers...

Today we want to tell you a little bit more about our Fried Chicken Tenders that you enjoy so much!

fried chicken wings and fried chicken tenders with pepper mayo sauce
Our Medium-Size Wings & Tenders Mix with Pepper Mayo Sauce

So what's the difference between tenders, nuggets, strips and fingers?

A little bit of anatomy

The chicken breast has two main parts. The larger part is the one that we know as the chicken breast per se or outer filet (and which is technically denominated pectoralis major). Underneath it there's a thin and long muscle, which can be easily separated from the rest, which is commonly referred to as the tenderloin or inner filet (and which is technically denominated pectoralis minor).

Oh, crystal clear. So... ¿what are the strips?

They are thin fillets or cuts of the chicken breast (without the tenderloin).

Very well, but... what are the fingers then?

Well the same as the strips; they are interchangeable names.

Oh so then "tender" is another way of saying "strip" or "finger"?

Of course... not. Tenders are made exclusively from the tenderloins, and that's what distinguishes them from fingers or strips.

So what are then the nuggets?

First, nuggets are not a whole muscle, but prepared from ground or minced meat.

But also -and this is the most relevant aspect-, they are generally made from raw chicken leftovers (in a best case scenario, and from mega processed meat, in a worst one). And this is where their bad reputation stems from (those of you with a better memory -or veterans- will remember the rumours surrounding Kentucky Fried Chicken's name to KFC).

So what are then CHICK's Tenders?

Our Fried Chicken Tenders are nuggets, in the sense that they are prepared from minced meat. So you'll ask yourself why then we call them Tenders and not nuggets. Well that's simple.

On the one hand, because we prepare our Tenders exclusively with chicken breasts (using both the breast and the tenderloin). We don't use leftovers, other parts of the chicken or meat that has been previously ground or minced outside our kitchen. As a matter of fact, we use the exact same chicken breasts with which we prepare our renowned Fried Chicken Sandwich.

On the other hand, because we ourselves mince the chicken breasts in our kitchen (we don't work with previously minced or ground meat).

For all these reasons, in the case of CHICK, it's more accurate to call our Tenders tenders (or fingers or strips), than to call them nuggets.

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